Friction, Frustration, or Fun

By Thomas Kochman - 09.05.2011

Ethnic cultural differences within families can be a source of friction, frustration or fun.

They usually start out as friction, like deciding upon what time to leave for the airport.

My German Jewish side can’t stand being five minutes late.

My wife’s position—I’m not sure if this is Irish or just her—can’t stand being five minutes early.

Each of us conjures up different worst case scenarios in support of our position.

My worst case scenario is fraught with anxiety–that something will happen that we didn’t plan for or expect that will cause us to miss our plane.

Her worst case scenario is that we’ll leave too early and get to the airport too soon with nothing worthwhile to do.

At issue, also, is our different comfort level around waiting while doing nothing.

I’m like the camel. I can turn my motor off.

My wife can’t.

At best, her  motor is at “idle”: running but not moving.

For a sand piper (her kind of animal) that is a clear UGH! Read more »