Birthday Blog

By Jean Mavrelis - 12.17.2009

I am not too old to begin to tweet.  You can follow me at JeanMavrelis.

Here are my birthday thoughts:

I’m a baby boomer, my Mom will be 90 Saturday, Aunt Til will be 100 in a month.  I like to think I will get to be an old gal, but as Betty Davis famously said, “Old age is not for sissies.”  I’m not done yet – I’m expecting many more grandchildren, and enjoy watching the business grow, and I want to eat more chocolate cake, and laugh so hard I cry, and dance, but my friend Tina, who is my age, died suddenly this week. I’ve been pondering the gift of life.

I saw a photo of myself as a preteen this morning that I haven’t seen in years.  I was wearing a mohair sweater dress and white wrist gloves – very early 60’s – before civil rights and women’s lib and classic rock.  Who was that young girl?  What would she have thought if all that’s happened was revealed to her then?  What if she knew her beautiful son would die at 13?  What if she knew her prom date would die in Nam? What if she knew she would write a book?  That she could touch people’s lives? That she would know the greatest love and the greatest loss? That she would one day travel to Africa and India and Asia and South America?  That the love of her family and extended family and friends and even “grand-dogs” would always restore her?

I think she’d know what her Dad meant when he said “life is a series of hurdles, and each one you get over makes you a little stronger for the next one…and life is good”.