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Ningbo University Feb 2014

By Adrian Chan - 03.15.2014

Throughout the last week in Ningbo I gave seven lectures about my cultural bkgrd along with what Chinese students will encounter in global meetings.

In global mtgs, I emphasized that Chinese/EAsians participate less as they tend to shuo yiqian xiang (think before they spk), while mainstream USAers tend to yibian shuo yibian xiang (spk as they think).

Also, I mentioned that in EAsian cultures criticizing one’s ideas publicly is tantamount to criticizing the person and causing them to lose face (wo piping ni de jihua/yijian, wo rang ni diu le mianzi).

So it is difficult for Chinese/EAsians to dui shi, bu dui ren (focus on the issues not the person)

Ningbo University Feb 2014

Ningbo University Feb 2014


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Ningbo University Feb 2014 | Talking Cultural Diversity…

Thanks for contributing. It’s helped me understand the issues.

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