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Marketing Culture

By Thomas Kochman - 05.16.2013

Years ago there was an ad promoting the intelligence of ATMs showing the ATM saying to a regular user, “Your usual $50”, Mr. _____.

It got pulled shortly thereafter.

My hunch why that happened is that, while it seemed caring and friendly on the surface, it also evoked an image of “big brother” — eliciting such thoughts as, “My God! Look what they (“the powers that be”) know about me!” –thus not only a violation of privacy but also loss of autonomy, characterized by, “I want to be given the choice to decide how much I want, even if I end up choosing the same amount”.

And in US mainstream culture, this often outweighs appreciation for someone knowing what you would want without you having to ask, a marketing approach cultivated in technology by Apple and Google and now even further by Google in its latest venture, “Google Introduces New Search Tools to Try to Read Our Minds”. Read more »