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Wisconsin Tragedy

By Gudy Grewal - 08.08.2012

I had gone with my daughter Simi to Baltimore to get her situated there before she starts graduate school and then we took a trip to DC. We had just come back from visiting the Holocaust Museum when we heard this news in our hotel room.
My husband, Sohan is in Vancouver visiting his mother and my son, Raj, is in Cambodia (work).
I will be getting home on Friday and will contact the Gurdwara in Denver to get more info.
Some of my initial thoughts, beyond this horrible tragedy, are that we ( Sikhs) need to take a more active role in educating our local communities about us.
It may not be enough to prevent tragedies but it may help our local communities understand who we are, since all TV reporters were struggling with that.
I also feel that even though it may be an incident of mistaken identity (thinking that the Sikhs are somehow involved with the Taliban because they wear turbans), the Sikhs should also understand that hatred has no boundaries.
Anyone who is different or appears different is a target.
Sikhs in America have faced violence against them before 9/11 as well though it has increased after 9/11.

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Dearest Gudy,
The attack against the Sikh community left me feeling so stunned and saddened and angry. I am so sick of all the gun violence and the cowardice of our elected “leaders” who are too afraid to take on the NRA for fear of losing their cadillac benefits and lifetime pensions…forget about what is the right thing to do for the constituents they are supposed to serve. There is NO rational reason why anyone needs to have access to assault weapons and it is time that the US Congress gets off it’s ass and bans these weapons of murder. Please know that you and other members of the Sikh community are in my thoughts and prayers.

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