Mind Games

By Jean Mavrelis - 11.30.2010

There are mind games being spun– that play on fear.

Why not leverage mind games that play on our better natures?

Since the civil rights era, spin-doctors have insidiously campaigned on programs like “the war on drugs” and “tough on crime” as code for “protecting” whites from minorities: “us” vs “them”.

There were also racial/class implications underlying the different penalties for use of “crack” –a lower-class, “street” drug — and those for use of cocaine: an upper-middle class social past time.

Guess which penalties were more severe.

In fact, Reagan’s “war on drugs” came before crack ever hit the streets, and when drug use was at a low point.

The racism and class hatred behind those messages was subtle and hidden. But it didn’t take much digging to see what was underneath the surface. Read more »