Arab Uprisings

By Wageh Saad - 02.28.2011

Recent events in several Middle-Eastern countries are driven by a multitude of factors that have been brewing for the last three decades.

What we read in the Western media, however, is only the backdrop.

At the top of their list are factors such as poverty of the masses & extreme wealth in the hands of a few (a phenomenon that describes most countries in the Middle East).  Alongside poverty is the fact that Middle Eastern governments are dictatorial whether they are run by an individual or by a party.  Couple this with strict control of free speech, and press and media usually managed and run by the regime.

Opposition, democratic or otherwise is not allowed and in many situations opposition leaders are persecuted, jailed or exiled.

Leaders have always focused on their survival as rulers forgetting about what is important for the people and the country.

Governments are perceived by their people as very strong and heavy handed vis-a-vis their own people, yet very meek and weak when dealing with the outside world.

This last fact taps into historical shame. Read more »