Sticks and Stones ….

By Jean Mavrelis - 01.24.2011

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Or so the nursery rhyme goes.

I agree with that in part, especially now, after Tucson.

A call for civility in our communication is fine, but I’m more worried about sticks and stones.

As Bill Maher said a couple of nights ago– it’s not the first amendment we have to curb, it’s the second.

In his segment called “new rules”, he said, tongue in cheek, “Don’t try to control guns or nuts, just be more polite.”

It’s shocking to me that assault rifles are legal.  Who protects themself with an assault rifle?

It’s called an “assault” rifle for a reason.

A child or teen is murdered in Chicago on a weekly basis.

Check out what the UK has done in the aftermath of school violence.

Fenton Johnson, Tucson author and teacher, argues poignantly that we probably have to minimize fear before we can convince citizens to get rid of guns.

Wouldn’t people have less reason to be fearful if there were a ban on assault rifles and handguns?