Manipulating Veterans is Dirty Politics

By Jean Mavrelis - 07.13.2010

There’s a distorted e-mail going around that is manipulating veterans.  In particular, it is manipulating poor white veterans, who may be predisposed to be anti-Obama, because of Obama’s race and ethnicity.

If you read Jim Webb’s book about the Scots Irish, Born Fighting, you’ll begin to better understand the culture war raging in the U.S. today that pits FOX news against MSNBC.

Webb explains that the Scotts Irish were poor whites who settled the frontier and the south.  Many came as Presbyterians, but became Baptist during the days of tent meetings.

They have always been fiercely independent and suspicious of any kind of government, since they came to this country as a result of persecution by the wealthy English establishment in Northern Ireland.

They had to fight all their lives, and continue to value guns and the military. Read more »