Equal Opportunity Haters

By Jean Mavrelis - 10.26.2010

When Kennedy ran for President, Protestants were afraid he’d defer to Rome; some even suggested the Vatican would take over the U.S.

When Kerry ran, fear of the Pope interfering in U.S. affairs wasn’t even a bleep on the radar for anti-democratic pundits.  Evidently that fear had been dispelled, and religion only came in to the Kerry debate when some Catholics themselves were concerned about Kerry’s pro-choice position.

During WWII, it was Japanese and Germans who were feared.  Germans have again blended into the mainstream fabric, and post WWII Japanese Americans have the highest rate of “out-marriage” of any Asian group in the U.S.

The U.S. is a young country with a short memory.  We’re a country of immigrants who target and marginalize people of color and various ethnic and religious groups among others, but the targeting is more flexible and fluid than it is in other countries where only the dominant group can truly lay title to national identity. Read more »