What’s Happening With HAPAs?

By Adrian Chan - 07.09.2009

Michael Jackson Memorial: Who Was That Singer?  

If you followed the Michael Jackson Memorial, the unknown lead singer for the ending, “We Are the World” and “Heal the World”, is Judith Hill, a Los Angeles-raised musician, who was an alternate backup singer set to perform in Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” concert tour. She is also a HAPA, daughter of a Japanese immigrant mother and African American funk band father. As she put it, “I was a skinny mixed kid with a lot of hair that I didn’t know what to do with.”

So who is a HAPA?  This is a Hawaiian term used for biracial, multiracial Asian Americans, and drew impetus through the 2000 USA Census which allowed for citizens to identify their bi/multiracial backgrounds. Read more »