Hai Gui– Another Interpretation

By Adrian Chan - 07.25.2009

The Chinese notion of hai\"hai\" gui\"gui\" means \”sea turtle\” for those who were born in China and left, only to return at some later stage in their lives. This applies to Jieliang Hao who was one of our past KMA consultants in 2004 who translated our Asian Pacific Islander/Anglo Cultural Patterns of Difference (1990 videos) to contain Chinese subtitles, now used in our KMA training. Born in China but immigrated early with her parents to the USA, Jieliang reflects the immigrant\’s story of hard work, struggle and achievement, as well as USA\’s ability to attract and hone cross culturally sensitive and talented people from the different cultures throughout the world.

Currently, in her second year as an undergraduate at Harvard University (Economics major, 3.62 GPA), she is working as a research associate with Professor (of Management Practice) Willy Shih and doctoral candidate Ethan Bernstein in executing field experiments and collecting ethnographic data as an ordinary line worker at a large mobile phone manufacturing company in southern China. Her experiences provided foundational data for the Harvard Business School Case Study, \”Jieliang Phone Home!\” by Willy C. Shih, Ethan S. Bernstein & Nina Yaz Bilimoria (February 2009). Read more »