Jesus, Mohammed and Women

By Jean Mavrelis - 04.11.2010

Maybe it’s because she echoes my Irish Catholic world view, but once again Maureen Dowd hits the mark for me. 

When she compares Muslim women in Saudi Arabia and Catholic women in the U.S. I’m right there.  In both cases, culture co-opts religion.

Neither Jesus nor Mohammed excluded women.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary.  Mohammed worked for his wife, transporting goods back and forth to Mecca.

Jesus loved women, and even embraced the “prostitute”, Mary Magdalene.  For me, that’s right up there with Abraham receiving the message he shouldn’t sacrifice his son.

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea points out (p. xv of In Search of Islamic Feminism) that “Islam was the only shared identity of people (in the middle east) that predated western colonization.” And later on p.422,  “ In their struggles for legal and economic equality they stress the viability of the family group, a sense of responsibility to the wider group, the importance of religious values, . . . Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women are combining elements of both East and West to develop several feminist ideologies of their own.” Read more »