Playing the Culture Card

By Thomas Kochman - 06.23.2009

As President Obama’s proposal for a national health care plan begins to generate some traction  one strategy of the opposition has been to use a TV ad arguing  that \”This government-run plan could crush all your other choices, driving them out of existence.” Richard Martin takes a close look at this in his article Television Ad Targets Health Reform. See the ad itself on Conservatives for Patients\’ Rights – Bulldozer 

This debate illustrates the power of culture to shape the way people look at an issue or policy. Freedom of choice for individuals in mainstream U.S. culture is a significant part of our value system.  It is able to garner support in and of itself regardless of what is being offered, like someone pitching equality –another U.S. value– but at the cost of making everyone poor.

I remember being asked to do a diversity program at a government agency and one man said, “We don’t discriminate against anyone here. We treat everyone like shit.” So in pitching equality we need to ask what is the quality of that equality? Likewise with respect to free choice; is the important question with respect to health care who decides, or what do the various plans offer? Read more »

Obama Socialized by White Women

By Jean Mavrelis - 06.23.2009

Talk show host and liberal social commentator Bill Maher criticized Obama on his HBO show “Real Time” when he said Obama was “focusing too much on his charm offense and not enough on substantive change…I’m glad he got elected. But he’s not really putting it on the line against the banks, the insurance companies, the energy companies who run the country and in many ways, have ruined this country.”

In effect, he accused the President of being what I describe in our book, Corporate Tribalism, as a “people pleaser.” I have observed that when the oldest child in a family is male, he often spends more time with Mom or Grandma, and tends to also fit the description of what I describe as a white female “people pleaser.” It would not surprise me if Obama learned from his white mother and grandmother that you catch more flies with honey than with a fly swatter. Read more »