Mocking Sarah Palin and Her Daughters

By Jean Mavrelis - 06.17.2009

I am a womanist– that means I’m FOR women – all women-all cultures-all ages.  I am proud and delighted to be a woman and yet I caught myself laughing at David Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter last week. He said Palin had updated her “slutty flight attendant” look during her recent visit to New York, and experienced an awkward moment during the Yankee’s game when her daughter was “knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez.

I asked myself, “Why did I laugh?  Why wasn’t I immediately outraged at the double slam of a promiscuous daughter and a ‘slutty-looking’ mom?”

The answer is, something made me laugh before I got to the part that objectified women.  I think it was this: a lot of people talked about how the treatment of the candidate would have been different if it had been a Black candidate whose daughter had a baby out of wedlock. I think my initial reaction was to the irony of a “sanctity of marriage” mom/political figure having a daughter who may have embarrassed her. Read more »