Activist Islam — Part II

By Wageh Saad - 05.31.2010

The horrific events of September 11 caused and outburst of anger in the American society and the west in general.  Reactions to these events were as diverse as the multitude of social and political doctrines that exist in the society.

The war on terror started with the invasion of two Muslim countries: Afghanistan and Iraq.  The goals of the war in Afghanistan were justified and the vast majority of Muslims conceded to the concept that Alqaeda deserved punishment.   However, the war caused suspicions in the hearts of the Muslim majority that there are some hidden if not obvious intentions that the West is after more than punishing a group of extremists.

The invasion of Iraq and the unfounded claims that it aimed at eliminating weapons of mass destruction, this invasion drew opposition and criticism in the US and  worldwide and furthered the rage in the hearts of an already angry mainstream Muslim populace. Read more »