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The SCOTUS Decision

By Rita Wuebbeler - 06.26.2015

I’m VERY VERY grateful the Supreme Court decided in favor of legalizing gay marriage in ALL US States today. I’m beyond exhilarated, excited and happy. AND: this decision also brings tears to my eyes – tears for all the people that have had to suffer, hide, lie and be in pain because they did not have that right when they needed and wanted it. And even though this is a very sweet “Marriage Moment”, the fight for equal rights for LGBT people in the US and all over the world is far from over.

The work continues – so that discrimination at work is no longer possible in ALL US States, so that we have equal access to health care in ALL US states and a host of other rights we don’t have yet.Let’s celebrate today AND be mindful of what lies ahead of us.

[Business & workplace implications of today’s LGBT SCOTUS decision can be found on the KMA website].


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