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Haves and Have Nots — Part 2

By Jean Mavrelis - 01.23.2014

As I mentioned in my last blog, those in a family who have something, are often called upon to help those in the family who have less.

While the US senate debates extending unemployment to people who really can’t find a job a lot of those who still have them — “working stiffs” (as my mother used to call laborers)–are going to have even less to spend, since they now are confronted with tough choices: offer money to the unemployed family members (which may require dipping into savings), have family members move in, or say no and have siblings who pick up the financial slack be upset with you.

All of these choices are stressful.

Making things even more difficult– a family member who no longer will receive unemployment checks may have voted for the very senators and congressmen who vote against extending unemployment.  These family members may sincerely believe in less government.  But they also believe in (and now depend on) family helping each other. For those others in the family who voted differently, helping those in the family who, in effect, didn’t do all to help themselves, compounds the matter of giving still further.

I now understand better how members of the same family were pitted against each other during the civil war.

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