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“Links” to God

By Jean Mavrelis - 09.17.2013

Yesterday I received two links.

The TED talk link with Alexander Tsiaras was sent from a Jamaican acupuncturist friend who grew up in New York.

The other link, which had comedians debating the existence of god, came from my niece, an on-line marketing guru who lives in Seattle.

The links provided two sources of deep philosophical thinking gone viral– “Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

One from cutting edge science, the other from cutting up comics.

As I watched the TED link, the closing image of birth (I know a few women who say it’s not quite how they remember it) reminded me of a scene from 2001 space odyssey where the capsule is floating in space – a haunting image!

I then opened the second link where comedians W. Kamau Bell, Jamie Kilstein, and John Fugelsang debated the existence of God.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the minds that had the wit to think of “God’s fan clubs” and “atheism as white privilege”.

I found myself uplifted by these two links.

They renew my faith in humanity.

I’m thrilled that guys like Alexander Tsiaras are out there.  And I am thankful that comedians like Bell, Kilstein, and Fugelsang can take everything they know, bring it together in a perfect moment, and allow you to laugh at the humor and hopelessness of the human condition.

(Buddhists toil away at making sand mandala in the sand and then laugh when the wind blows them away).

I grew up with the fear of God – not so much the “friendship” of God (I was raised Catholic, and Catholics don’t sing “what a friend we have in Jesus”).

I took solace in the comic commentary that if God won’t let me into heaven because I didn’t worship “him”, then “he” is a (narcissistic) sociopath, and I’ll want to get the “hell” out of there.

Thank God for the internet.