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What does it mean for men and women to be evolved?

By Jean Mavrelis - 06.19.2013

Sheryl Sandberg got it partly right in her book Lean In.

Tom Kochman (my co-author and husband) often says, “white men can be for themselves without shame or guilt”.

I agree with Sheryl Sandberg that women aren’t so good at that.  We often lack the ability to know what we want, and to pursue what we want with confidence and entitlement, but we have a strength that may be better suited for the way business will succeed in the future.

Women are programmed biologically and culturally (I can cite the research) to protect the well-being of the group and to get everyone to cooperate for the good of the whole.

Women may need more agency, but men need to develop the ability to build relationships with others: to ask questions, ask for help, and be willing to help others, especially other men, when they ask for help.

So, while I admire Sandberg’s work, it is incomplete and doesn’t speak to the long- term holistic thinking where women excel.

It would be a shame if women were to learn to be white male identified in their style (the term I use in my book Corporate Tribalism) instead of becoming evolved.

Evolved men and women (again in Corporate Tribalism) can be for themselves, while still being mindful of the well-being of the whole.

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