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KMA and Cultural Detective – LGBT Workshop Collaboration

By KMA - 11.06.2012

We’re excited to announce a December 6th workshop featuring a new collaboration of tools, processes and strategies to help organizations effectively navigate cross-cultural conflict, with a special emphasis on the four LGBT co-cultures.  Here’s what KMA and Cultural Detective customers have to say about their experiences:

The program provides a platform to speak about a sensitive topic and reminds of the importance that we’re talking about four co-cultures versus one group.”

“The program offered specific solutions for situations I’ve found myself in both personally and professionally.”

“Real world examples that resonate with employees.”

“Your seminar was a beautiful illustration of the effect of the quality of cultural response in an executive’s decision process.  The interactive example was instructive and memorable—not a person in the room hadn’t been in situations precisely like those we experienced in the practical exercise. Yet, we had in this case an opportunity to ‘unpack’ the experience and follow its likely conclusion.”

LGBT Cultural Competency Online Workshop – Thursday, December 6th, 10 a.m.-11:30a.m.

D&I leaders, employee resource groups, cross-cultural trainers and allies will experience KMA’s web-based training in conjunction with Cultural Detective LGBT cross-cultural skill-building tool and process. Participation is limited.


LGBT subject matter expert, Rita Wuebbler, will lead the workshop delivering several key takeaways:

  • Learn LGBT shared values and beliefs which motivate behavior and important
    co-culture distinctions
  • Develop a shared language and strategy for discussing differences in the workplace and promoting inclusion
  • Identify workplace practices to support LGBT colleagues
  • Experience a core process to effectively navigate cross-cultural conflict with specific emphasis on LGBT culture


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