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Norway Killings – Hatred at its Worst

By Soumaya Khalifa - 08.02.2011

As the world received the horrific news of the Norway shootings, my heart was heavy and thinking about the victims and their families.

The tragedy and senseless killings in Norway reminded me of the horrific acts of September 11 and how that point in our history changed our country and our lives.

Extremism and hatred are human sicknesses.  Sometimes people with such sickness put a label of religion, political ideology or the likes to give themselves legitimacy.

However, as other sicknesses, extremism and hatred need to be eradicated, as we have done with polio.

The terrorist in this case, Mr. Anders Behring Breivikhad had hatred towards Muslims, multiculturalists, feminist women and immigrants.

Unfortunately, we also find out that the killer was “inspired” by American bloggers who are anti immigration, anti Muslims, etc.   As an American, I would like to see us instead export the American values of pluralism, equality, and sacredness of lives.

To build a stronger America and world, we need to learn about each other as human beings, to appreciate our differences and build stronger communities utilizing our differences and similarities.

As we work towards educating and building understanding, I am praying for love and peace around the world.